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April 2010


March 2010

I just want to thank all of you (Sandy, Crystal) and all the other Lovely Ladies that made the wonderful hats that were donated to my mother. You don't have to do all the nice things you do, but you do...and we are very grateful. What a difference it makes to know, that a beautiful hat can make all the embarrassment of not having hair just disappear. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you all may God Bless you. - Marie



March 2010

I sent (a hat) to New Mexico and she said her mother was soooo happy to have it.  She had been refusing to have her picture taken, but she was delighted to have pictures once she received the cap.  She had it for many family visits and was really enjoying the visits at that point.  Marie said she couldn’t get it off her mother, even at night.  Marie was so happy to see her mother’s improvement.  Her mother’s long time friend stopped by to spend an hour, but ended up staying for 5 hours.  I guess the change in her mother made that visit a real pleasure. Marie is full of gratitude for the change in her mother and really appreciated everyone’s efforts. - Pat



February 2010

Thank you so very much feels like such a small answer to such a beautiful gesture of the heart and gift to Dad and Mom who received the hats. They can't believe people do this because their daughter emailed them. My Dad was using one of his new hats last night. He's a freezing a lot so he needs them all the time now. We so appreciate the generosity of your special heart.


It really is such a sad time and for you, a first rate stranger to care touches us deeply.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - Jeanette



October 2009

I got (the hats) yesterday!! They are precious! I have really enjoyed trying them on and showing my husband and kids how cute they are. I will send you a pic of myself with a few of them so you can see them on:). It is a blessing that you all sent them to me. makes me really confident about getting out of the house and go in public. My girls always say when I have tried one or was wearing one" mom you look cute", they are too funny. Thanks so much again for the hats!!  I told my husband that you could feel the warmth and love in each hat!! thank you thank you thank you:) - Melanie



October 2010

Thank you so very, very much for the three crochet hats that you made for me.  I love them! - Dee



December 2008

I cannot nor can words express the appreciation I feel for the hat.  It is a wonderful fit and I shall think of you constantly for kindness. - Gilda

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